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  • Welcome to First Senior Financial Group

    First Senior Financial Group is a consumer advocacy firm, built on a foundation of providing education and protection to those entering retirement.

    Our seasoned staff of financial advisors and analysts work with each individual client on securing their financial futures. With 13 offices located throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, our firm welcomes retirees from all over to make an appointment and learn how they can safely enter retirement. All of our many services are provided with no costs to the consumer at any time. We aim to create a no pressure environment for retirees seeking education on smart retirement planning.

    Every year First Senior Financial Group has been safeguarding millions of dollars in retirement assets. Schedule a visit to learn about our unique, federally trademarked, retirement system, which protects your nest egg from the volatility of stock market investments.

    Joann Small, CEO of First Senior Financial Group

    Phil Cannella, Founder of First Senior Financial Group
  • Retirement Financial Advisors Pennsylvania

    First Senior Financial Group’s staff consists of financial educators, an honor that we value above the title financial advisors. The reason for this is we have found that most retirement investment plans provided by “financial advisors” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas have a conflict of interest when placing consumers in investments. Due to the varying commissions among traditional securities products, advisors are all too often choosing client investments for the wrong reasons.

    Unlike most retirement financial advisors, our educators work on a different approach. Because our firm employs a salaried team of financial analysts to actually work with the client to pick the most fitting investments, there is no conflict of interest. In fact, First Senior Financial Group does not work with any investment vehicles that pose a fee or commission to the consumer at all. The only motivation behind our staff’s work is making sure each and every client achieves the retirement they desire and deserve.

    For more information on our services, please visit our Crash Proof Retirement™ page.

  • Financial Advisors Philadelphia

    If you are based in or around Philadelphia and want the assistance of a local financial advisor, we can help. Rather than financial advisors, First Senior Financial Group employs a team of financial educators. All educators have been licensed to work with consumers, and each and every one has received personal in-house training from Phil Cannella himself on the ways to truly be a consumer advocate.

    Investments tailored for you

    The best quality of our educators, not found with most financial advisors, is the ability to create a retirement strategy personalized for you, your lifestyle and your future needs. Whereas most financial advisors are trained to sell financial products to the client, educators are trained to learn the client and then help them pick the right investment. Using our unique Crash Proof Retirement™ Guide, created by the firm’s founder Phil Cannella, our educators will guide you through each step of your retirement investment strategy to make sure you have a Crash Proof Retirement™.

Your Financial Advisors, Philadelphia

Retirement Advisor Interview

Schedule your personalized Crash Proof education with a licensed educator who will take you through a 3-step appointment process that will crash proof your retirement and your future.

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