Crash Proof Retirement Reviews

This video gallery is composed of both First Senior Financial Group clients and those who have participated in our Crash Proof Retirement educational events or came in for our free 3-step educational process.

  • Another Consumer Sings the Praises of Crash Proof Retirement

    Mr. Desien was tired of losing money on the stock market. He realized his previous Advisor wasn't really looking out for his best interests and decided to become a Crash Proof consumer with First Senior Financial Group. He's been singing the praises of Crash Proof Retirement ever since!
    Another Consumer Sings the Praises of Crash Proof Retirement
  • Crash Proof Retirement™: "A New Beginning"

    Catherine's husband passed away, leaving her at the mercy of her creditors and unscrupulous financial advisors who just wanted to get their hands on her money. She decided to Crash Proof her future and has had success ever since!
    Crash Proof Retirement™: "A New Beginning"
  • First Senior Financial Group - Clients for Five Years

    Peg and her husband, Mike, have been clients of First Senior Financial Group for the past five years. During that time, the United States experienced its worst financial disaster since the Great Depression. While nearly every other investor was losing money (including traders at major firms), Peg and Mike were protected thanks to the safety of their Crash Proof™ vehicles.
    First Senior Financial Group - Clients for Five Years
  • Another Consumer Crash Proofed Against Market Losses

    Barry moved into Crash Proof financial vehicles before the crash of 2008. He was lucky, but people invested in the stock market weren't so lucky. Crash Proof your retirement before the next crash hits!
    Another Consumer Crash Proofed Against Market Losses
  • Mutual Fund Fees

    If you are invested in Mutual Funds, the fees are eating away at your retirement nest egg. Fund Managers get paid fees whether you make money or not. With Crash Proof financial vehicles, you are protected from crashes, and you get to keep your retirement money for yourself!
    Mutual Fund Fees
  • The Hidden Expenses in Variable Annuities

    Variable annuities are one of the worst investments for those at or near retirement, yet many financial advisors push them on their clients without telling them the whole story. These consumers learned the truth about variable annuities from Joann Small at First Senior Financial Group and went on to become clients. Now their assets are protected against stock market crashes and ongoing fees like the ones charged by variable annuities. If you’re in variable annuities, you should come in for an appointment with one of First Senior Financial Group’s knowledgeable educators, who will answer any questions you might have.
    The Hidden Expenses in Variable Annuities
  • Alita – Client since June 2007

    Alita and her husband Alec were in money market accounts that were falling flat. They were not getting the kind of returns that lead to a comfortable retirement and they also wanted to eliminate the risk in their work retirement plans. First Senior Financial Group educated them on how to protect the money they had while getting better gains than they had in the past. When Alec passed away, Alita found First Senior very helpful in preparing her to deal with her finances for the first time in years.
    Alita – Client since June 2007
  • Margaret – Client Since February 2012

    Margaret, a former nun, was losing value in her accounts due to investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds which exposed her to an inappropriate amount of risk. While her investments were designed to limit risk, her risk exposure was still high when compared to that of Crash Proof Vehicles.

    First Senior Financial Group diversified her among carriers, with contracts of varying lengths, giving her access to liquid cash. Simultaneously, it eliminated her exposure to risky investments in the securities industry. Our educators also provided Margaret with different crediting strategies to maximize her gains even in a down market.
    Margaret on Crash Proofing her Retirement
  • Frances – Client since March 2012

    Francy and her husband Joe were heavily invested in risk vehicles like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They also held money market accounts that weren’t keeping up with inflation. They were concerned about eliminating risk and leaving a legacy for their kids. First Senior Financial Group protected their assets and gave them the flexibility to generate income if necessary. Even with their new, more secure investments, this couple is now on the path to building a nest egg to pass on to their children.
    Frances – Client since March 2012
  • Tony and Delores - There isn't any fee!

    This couple was very concerned about outliving the money they had set aside for themselves in retirement, and also wanted to have something to leave for their children. Their portfolio was heavily invested in stocks and mutual funds, two of the most risky and fee-laden investments available. First Senior Financial Group protected a portion of Tony’s assets so that he could reduce his risk while still growing his money. Thanks to First Senior’s educators, this couple no longer has to worry about losing their money to stock market fluctuations.

    Tony and Delores - There isn't any fee!
  • Bill & Patricia - The Hidden Costs of Variable Annuities

    Although Bill & Patricia are not yet clients of First Senior Financial Group, they did come through the three-step educational process. They were invested entirely in variable annuities, very risky vehicles which are loaded with fees. Through their education they learned the pitfalls inherent with these investments and gained valuable information that will help them achieve their goals of maximizing growth while providing flexible income. Whether or not they decide to implement their custom-made Crash Proof™ strategy, First Senior was happy to provide them with this education free of charge.
    Bill & Patricia - The Hidden Costs of Variable Annuities
  • Ken - No More Market Drops

    Although Ken has not received delivery of his contracts yet, he is excited about the financial security of becoming Crash Proof™. He came into First Senior Financial Group invested only in mutual funds. Being self-employed, Ken had nothing like a 401k to invest in, and was looking for something safer than a mutual fund, as well as an investment that could fund his son’s education. First Senior’s educators helped him get a portion of his assets off the market to protect him from market crashes while setting him up with Crash Proof Vehicles that would maximize his potential gains.
    Ken - No More Market Drops
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