Final Expense Insurance

Funeral and burial costs are astounding. Many funeral services cost well over $10,000, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Final expense insurance will defray these costs, allowing your loved ones the ability to celebrate your life without worrying about having to haggle over funeral service costs. First Senior Financial Group offers final expense insurance for those looking to help their loved ones when the inevitable occurs.

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance covers the costs of funerals, coffin purchases, burial arrangements and other end-of-life services.

Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Benefits of final expense insurance include:

  • Ease of Mind – Buying final expense insurance allows your loved ones to focus on your passing, instead of having to shop around and bicker over arrangement costs.
  • Savings – The premium for final expense insurance is usually cheaper than what it would cost for arrangements out-of-pocket.
  • Anyone Can Purchase – Even if you don’t have traditional life insurance, you can purchase final expense insurance.

Final expense insurance allows you to Crash Proof your final experience on earth. Why put your loved ones through the hassle of negotiating over the expensive costs of arrangements? First Senior Financial Group experts can educate you about the benefits and costs of final expense insurance. Contact a representative today for a free consultation.

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