Equity Indexed Life Insurance

Equity indexed universal life insurance guarantees both lifetime protection for your family and results for your investments. These insurance policies truly are the best of both worlds; they limit risk while also offering a chance to reap big rewards. First Senior Financial Group offers equity indexed universal life insurance products which can help you Crash Proof your retirement portfolio.

What Is Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Like all other life insurance products, equity indexed universal life insurance guarantees financial protection for your family in case of the unfortunate event of your passing. It also has a savings component, much like other types of life insurance products, which you can use as a means to benefit your retirement. But equity indexed universal life insurance differs in an important way: these policies guarantee at least some sort of return on your investment while allowing a chance for you to buy into an investment vehicle which may provide greater returns.

Benefits of Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance

There are several benefits of equity indexed universal life insurance:

  • Guaranteed Returns ­– Equity indexed universal life insurance policies guarantee a positive return on the savings component of the policy. The policy’s cash value will grow, allowing you to have access to income you can use to pad your nest egg.
  • Significant Gains – Equity indexed universal life insurance policyholders also have the ability to put the money in their savings component into a potentially lucrative investment vehicle. The downside risk of this is non-existent as some gains are already locked in.
  • Flexibility – Policyholders can adjust how much money they want to put towards guaranteed investments in the savings component and how much they want towards potentially more lucrative investment vehicles. Policyholders can adjust their investment strategies according to ever-changing market conditions.
  •  Tax Deferred – Like all of the income generated in the savings components of life insurance policies, this money will grow tax deferred.
  • Lifetime Protection – As long as minimum yearly premiums are met, equity indexed universal life insurance policies last your entire life.

Equity indexed universal life insurance is an ideal way to Crash Proof your retirement. There’s low-risk with the potential for high rewards in these vehicles. Contact one of our educators today to schedule a free consultation.

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