Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs)

FIAs, also known as Equity Indexed Annuities, are a unique and often highly rewarding feature of a Crash Proof Retirement. First Senior Financial Group educates you on the FIAs that best fit your goals, which will provide very generous returns on your investment while the market is doing well. They even have the Crash Proof guarantee of protecting your principal from ever suffering due to any market loss.

One of the reasons people invest in stocks is the thrill of the gamble. Sure, it’s exciting to hear your investment is doing well. But of course there are always knots in your stomach when the market goes down. When you are in retirement and past the years of earning a regular income, market losses become much more of a concern.

Fixed index annuities allow you to still participate in the upside of a thriving market, yet protects you from the ugliness of a declining market.

How Fixed Index Annuities Work:

You sign an agreement with an insurance company that ties your investment in with a market index, for example the S&P 500. As the index rises, the interest on your investment will rise. Generally, the investment will include a crediting strategy, meaning you choose from a variety of options that slightly limit the full gain from index growth. The crediting strategies vary, but if correctly chosen still provide very appealing growth. The crediting strategy can be considered an insurance premium, on the insurance that your principal is always protected from market loss. The beauty of this is, the crediting strategies only affect your earnings, never your principal, so you are essentially dealing with pure profit!

It’s also important to know that the fixed index annuities that First Senior Financial Group will educate you about earn you growth on an annual basis. So if the market has a good year, you permanently earn that growth. Once your interest is added to your principal, it too is then protected from future market losses.

Fixed Index Annuities allow an investor to maintain the thrill of earning from a thriving market and growing their nest egg over time. As the markets have proven, they are very unpredictable and can often drain retirement savings, seemingly overnight. By avoiding market risks you can make your investment very predictable, and you can safely predict that it will grow over time.

At First Senior Financial Group our analysts on staff are experts in dealing with fixed index annuities. We locate the very best fixed index annuities that the insurance industry has to offer that fit your needs. We then educate you on how they can become an important component in retirement planning, and how they can be part of a crash proof retirement.

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