Fixed Annuities

These annuities allow a selected portion of your nest egg to grow over a set period of time, at a set rate, before distributing payments back to you in retirement.  As just one ingredient to the complex Crash Proof system, retirees may select these annuities to provide extra reliability in their retirement years.

What are Fixed Annuities?

You can consider using a fixed annuity as a means of storing away some of your savings into an investment that grows annually until you need it. By properly planning and putting a portion of your nest egg into a fixed annuity, you can allow that money to see steady growth, unmanaged, while you use other financial vehicles to accommodate your immediate and long term financial needs.

The growth you earn from a fixed annuity is tax deferred. This means that you do not pay taxes on each interest payout your investment receives. Instead, the full earnings add directly to your investment, which then results in higher payouts from a fixed percentage on a higher principal.

After the set growth period is over, the investor then has the option to receive fixed payments from their grown principal, which is ideal for retirees that desire a stable income.

First Senior Financial Group can incorporate fixed annuities into a unique strategy that uses a variety of investment options that work together in sequence, maximizing your financial growth potential, while eliminating market risks. Fixed annuities can provide extreme reliability and stability for retirees, while the rest of the Crash Proof system earns you high growth in separate vehicles.

It is important to note that fixed annuities only play a small part in a strong retirement strategy. At First Senior Financial Group, our staff will educate you on how a fixed annuity can be best used among many quality investment opportunities available to the American retiree.

When most people think of the term “investing” they associate it with taking a gamble. Here at First Senior Financial Group we promote a smarter and safer way to invest that is exclusively ideal for retirees. Our staff only works with annuities that promise a retiree that the money they saved over the course of their lives will not be lost to ongoing fees or market losses.

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