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Annuities – Learn how annuities play a big role in Crash Proofing your retirement.

First Senior Financial Group has mastered the field of annuities and selects the industry’s best to help build your personally customized Crash Proof Retirement. First Senior Financial Group will educate you on over 550 Crash Proof financial vehicles which provide you with nest egg growth without risking your life savings to market loss, regardless of how bad the markets get.

Types of annuities

An annuity is a contract with an insurance provider that allows you to turn a lump sum of your nest egg into a specific payment plan that provides cash growth and other various benefits over time.

First Senior Financial Group developed a complex arrangement of different high quality annuities to create a federally trademarked system which customizes a Crash Proof Retirement plan designed to meet your goals and needs. A variety of annuities are used to work together in sequence to satisfy all the financial needs of the average retiree.

The following are types of annuities First Senior Financial Group utilizes:

Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) – An important ingredient to the Crash Proof recipe, SPIAs guarantee immediate income for a set period of time. By incorporating SPIAs into the Crash Proof system, retirees are able to start receiving income from their nest egg immediately. These unique investment vehicles earn you profit while distributing monthly payments from a portion of your nest egg, while the rest of your savings generate large gains over time.

Fixed Annuities These deferred annuities are used in certain Crash Proof recipes to ensure the retiree has guaranteed income with a set interest rate throughout retirement. These annuities allow a selected portion of your nest egg to grow over a period of time at a set growth rate before distributing payments back to the retiree.  As just one ingredient to the complex Crash Proof system, retirees may select these annuities to provide extra reliability in their retirement years.

Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) – FIAs, also known as Equity Indexed Annuities, are a unique and often highly rewarding feature of a Crash Proof Retirement. First Senior Financial Group educates you about the FIAs that best fit your goals, which will provide very generous returns on your investment when the market is doing well, yet still have the Crash Proof hallmark quality of protecting your principal from ever suffering any market loss.

Avoid the Variable Annuity

Many financial experts are quick to condemn all annuity products based solely on the downsides of one particular type of annuity: the variable annuity.

Many advisors push variable annuities as the perfect way to provide retirees with a steady income stream in their golden years. But among the things they won’t tell you about (unless you know what questions to ask) are the various fees you will be charged and the risk that could spell disaster for a retiree. Read more on Variable Annuities and their hidden fees »

Benefits Provided Through Crash Proof Annuities

Some of the annuities used to Crash Proof your retirement provide the following benefits:

Principal Protection – First Senior Financial Group promotes and practices consumer protection. All of the annuities used in a Crash Proof Retirement are designed so that no retiree ever loses a single penny of their hard earned savings… EVER!

Death Benefits – Each and every annuity that First Senior Financial Group works with also offers death benefits to ensure that your nest egg provides for your loved ones if you unfortunately pass on.

Premium Coverage – Allow the earnings you receive each month from your annuities to go to work for you as they pay the premiums of important insurances such as life insurance, long-term care insurance and more.

Signing Bonuses – Most of the annuities used for a Crash Proof Retirement offer initial signing bonuses, which immediately grows your savings by a set percentage.

Annual Management – The annuities used in Crash Proof Retirement allow you to sit back and let them work without the daily stress of managing your investments. Once a year retirees can evaluate their investments and make adjustments where they see fit.

No Fees – First Senior Financial Group is a consumer advocacy firm and does not charge any retiree at any time, the education provided is entirely free to those willing to learn, and their principal will always remain untouched.

First Senior Financial Group dedicates its services to making each and every client a highly informed self-investor. We believe that the best financial advisor for your hard earned retirement savings is you, the retiree. This is why we take as much time as needed to answer any questions about the various complex investment vehicles retirees can use to Crash Proof their retirement.

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