Joann Small, CEO of First Senior Financial Group

Joann Small, CEO First Senior Financial GroupOn January 1, 2012, Phil Cannella stepped down as CEO of First Senior Financial Group to pursue a new venture at Retirement Media, Inc. His natural choice to replace him at the helm of the company he founded was his longtime colleague, and Crash Proof Retirement Show™ co-host, Joann Small. With Ms. Small’s three decades of experience working closely with those at or near retirement, she was in a perfect position to help retirees make difficult decisions about an uncertain future.

By working closely with Phil Cannella for so many years, Joann Small learned the skills necessary to become a noted Senior Advocate in her own right. She also helped Phil make important refinements to the Crash Proof system, which made it more effective in protecting retirees’ assets.

“I take pride in being a financial lifesaver to anyone in crisis or transition,” says Ms. Small. To this end, Joann routinely attends comprehensive training courses regarding the ever-changing laws governing IRAs and other retirement accounts. “I have made a lifetime commitment to this training,” she says, “I owe nothing less to my clients.”

Beyond being an expert in retirement finance, Joann Small’s experiences as a woman in the financial industry have helped her relate to many female retirees. Statistics show that half of American women over age 65 are widowed or divorced, meaning many women come through the doors at First Senior Financial Group handling their finances alone for the first time. Joann is uniquely qualified to help these retirees understand finances in a comfortable and nurturing environment, away from the fast-paced and typically male-dominated mainstream financial firms.

Those who have listened to Joann on the Crash Proof Retirement Show™ have heard her knowledge and dedication to continue First Senior Financial Group’s mission – protecting retirees from stock market crashes and other financial disasters. And although Phil Cannella is no longer CEO of First Senior, he has the utmost confidence in Joann’s ability to run the firm just as he did, with honesty and integrity. Phil emphasizes that Joann “has the character, commitment, and specialized training to take retirees safely through the retirement phase.”

Joann Small and Phil Cannella appear every weekend on the Crash Proof Retirement Show™, which airs Saturdays at 11am and select Sundays at 1pm on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, the Philadelphia area’s top talk radio station.

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