14 Questions to Ask your Financial Advisor

You may be the only person that truly knows how important your nest egg is to you. You have worked, and saved for your entire career to accumulate for retirement. Now It’s time to harvest, Crash-Proof™, and draw down those retirement accounts. First Senior Financial Group realizes that this is a very crucial time for every retiree.

Does your current financial advisor feel the same? Does your advisor know how to help you access your IRAs or other retirement accounts without causing you a massive tax attack?

Our advisors do.

We can show you how to have a tax-free IRA in retired years. We can show you how to avoid required minimum distributions (RMDs) even if you’re older than 70. We can show you how to achieve a 10-year income and not report 85% of it on your tax return, and that’s just the beginning. If you’re not sure how much your current advisor knows about retirement, or, more specifically YOUR retirement, try asking him or her the simple questions below. If you’re not satisfied with your advisor’s answers, then it’s time to find a Retirement Phase Specialist like our advisors here at First Senior Financial Group.

  1. Can you tell me how to have a tax-free IRA in retired years?
  2. Do you know about the exclusion ratio from IRS, which will allow me to have a tax-favored income over 5 years?
  3. Can you tell me how to have a 10-year income and without reporting 85% of it on my taxes?
  4. What was the last IRA or IRS law you learned about?
  5. What specialized classes or education courses have you taken that apply specifically to retirees?
  6. What percentage of your clientele are in retired years?
  7. Do you deal with all age groups, or just people in retired years?
  8. Do you stay informed about changes in IRS laws that may impact my IRA in retired years? If so, what’s the latest change you learned about?
  9. Will you calculate and distribute my IRA to my beneficiaries over their life expectancy?
  10. Can you handle distributions to multiple beneficiaries?
  11. Are there any important deadlines that my beneficiaries and I must be aware of? If so, what are they?
  12. Will you distribute my IRA proceeds to my designated charities?
  13. How will you handle my IRA if my estate is named the beneficiary?
  14. Do you have a program to inform my beneficiaries of the choices that they have available after I pass away?

Not satisfied with their answers? Click here to take a Personal Financial Checkup or make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of First Senior Financial Groups’ Senior Advocate advisors today!

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